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Innovating for a Global Palate “CREOLE STYLE”

Stephen Hightower of City Group Hospitality has announced Rory Wingett as Executive Chef of City Group Hospitality’s newest restaurant, Rouj Creole, opening in Baton Rouge late June.  

Wingett boasts a stellar career including a culinary program at the Augusta National Golf Club with his personal highlight, working at The Masters twice. He also worked at The American Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival and served as Chef de Cuisine at Hollywood Casino’s Celebrity Grill. Wingett was previously a Sous Chef under Chef Ryan Andre’ at Hightower’s City Pork, and now, returns to his affiliation with City Pork and Stephen Hightower as Rouj Creole’s Executive Chef.

 Hightower explains that “Rouj Creole will feature menu items that are a mix of the most craveable dishes from around the world. The cuisine is unpretentious yet skillfully executed. Guests can expect a lively atmosphere, coupled with table-side preparations inspired by classic dishes alongside modern delicacies.”

 In joining the team at Rouj Creole, Wingett believes “he and his exceptional team of chefs can create a very unique and special dining experience for Rouj Creole’s patrons and add a special culinary fare to the Baton Rouge food scene by bringing fun, creative food that reflects the cherished roots of creole food, and also adds the influences of world fares.”

 Wingett states, “It may sound cliché,' but I wish to make our menu as innovative as possible, and I believe with the culinary talent at Rouj Creole we will be able to do it. I also want to make a dining experience for patrons that serves as “an experience of the from around the globe,” where our guests can understand the history and food lineage behind the creole cuisine that lives in South Louisiana & New Orleans today.” Rouj Creole cuisine will be tastes of Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the Caribbean and New Orleans then I hope to evolve dishes that can be represented as a respectful take on a nouveau creole cuisine that can be Baton Rouge’s own!. Wingett continues, “learning cuisines from other cultures will only make me and my team better as chefs and will allow us to really make our menu a lot of fun.”


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